Get all the facts on medical marijuana in California BEFORE you get a prescription

"Combing through endless forums trying to find legitimate websites on medical marijuana stinks. This report was definitely worth it, it quickly gave me the information I needed to make good decisions about getting a prescription." - JW

Don't get a medical marijuana prescription in California before you know:

  • Is medical marijuana "legal"?
  • Is your privacy at risk when you sign up?
  • Can you be fired for using it?
  • Can you be arrested for having it on you?
  • Will your name be on a "list"?
  • And more...

Dear Medical Marijuana Researcher-

Two years ago I moved to California, the land of sand, sun, and year-round golf. I moved for my dream job, senior product engineer for an aeronautical company based in Southern California. It's my career job - the one I studied and worked so hard to get, the one I would do anything to protect.

As I prepared to make the move to California, a friend suggested looking into medicinal marijuana treatment for my Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

I'm 33 years old and have been suffering from IBS for as long as I can remember. Even mild stress triggers severe stomach pains that are often unbearable.

I'd read about the significant benefits of medical marijuana for people with my condition but never paid much attention before as it wasn't an option where I lived in NY.

I'd heard that, under special circumstances, medicinal marijuana could be available for people in California with certain illnesses but never knew if I could be eligible or if it was even legal.

I'm also the most paranoid guy you'll ever meet. I never give out my social security number at the doctor's office, I won't give out my zip code when I buy something, and I even have a P.O. Box for my mail.

I've never had any run-ins with the law and had no intention of putting myself or my career at risk.

I decided to research the topic at a nearby internet cafe (told you I'm paranoid).

I spent hours researching medical marijuana in California. I needed to know what the prescription was, the laws around it, who would know about my prescription, who would have access to my records, how I would use it, how I could be sure I was complying with the law, etc.

There was a lot of information to sort through from many different sources.

I visited online forums, read old newspaper articles, and dug up state laws (translating them from legalese) about the process.

I wanted my sources to be rock solid. And you should too.

And while some of this info came from the web, a lot of my trusted research came from speaking directly with other patients, doctors and lawyers. I researched my initial list of questions, generated more questions and then researched some more.

I had to make sure that the information I found was current and accurate. Since my move to CA, I'd often seen medicinal marijuana in the headlines and had to make sure I had access to the latest, most reliable information.

And you know what I discovered?

There is a lot of inaccurate and outdated information online about medical marijuana out there!

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) Web site, under the CA State guide to marijuana laws section, the second paragraph under the "Amendments" section states:

"Senate Bill 420 also mandates the California Department of State Health Services to establish a voluntary medicinal marijuana patient registry, and issue identification cards to qualified patients. To date, however, no such registry has been established."

I found the same piece of incorrect information on another "reputable" site, Under "Legal Info » How to Become a Legal Patient » Becoming a Patient in California, section II, D. Written Certification Must be Provided to Prove Eligibility, the last two sentences of the first paragraph read:

"The patient may submit to a county health department or the county's designee as part of an application for an identification card. However, California's statewide voluntary ID card program has not yet been implemented."

But you know what the truth is? The voluntary ID card program began early in 2008 and is fully up and running.

And having an ID card can prevent police seizure and make interactions with law enforcement simple.


Don't believe everything you read on the Internet about medical marijuana in California. Make sure to get thorough, up to date information.

Needless to say I was extremely concerned about the the outdated, incorrect information that I was regularly finding in my research.

Not to mention the fact that even the accurate information I found was fragmented and spread across a dozens of different resources.

I quickly learned that there's a lot of information out there, and in order to get comfortable moving forward, I had to fact check all my questions and answers directly with doctors, city officials, attorneys and friends who had recently gone through the process.

It's during this rather lengthy process that I realized, someone else could benefit from all my research. I consider myself a pretty skilled researcher - I have to be in my career.

If it took me this long, it must be really tough for many others who are trying to research how to legally get a medical marijuana prescription.

Long story short I decided to get a prescription and I've had great results treating my IBS. But everyone should make an individual decision based on the facts.

I can't tell you whether you should get a medical marijuana prescription, but I can tell you what you need to know BEFORE making a decision.

I collected, collated, sorted and organized all my research into a single document that contained all the questions I had and the answers I found.

The exact information that made me feel comfortable about getting my medical marijuana prescription. I made the document for myself, but now I realize that there are other people out there who need the same thing.

It sucked wading through all the websites out there with pieces of information on them and fact checking everything with professionals.

I did it, and you shouldn't have to. What I created is in essence, a short cut that you can use to deciding whether to get one yourself.

Inside you'll find the answers to questions like:

  • What does the prescription say?
  • How do I use the prescription?
  • Who knows that I have a prescription?
  • Can I be arrested for having a prescription?
  • How long is it good for?

I promise that you'll quickly find the answers you're looking for and feel confident about your decision to get a medical marijuana prescription.

You might decide you want one, or you might decide it's not for you. But either way you'll know it was the right choice.

I'm so certain that my research will give you the information you need that I'll give you 100% back if you don't like it. No hassles, questions, hoops to jump through or anything else.

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